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Rebecca White

Digital Marketing Assistant

Rebecca is the newest addition to our Google Ninjas’ team, joining us in mid-2018, when she returned from her globe-trotting exploits in the USA. She brings her thesaurus and keen eye for detail with her, so grammatical and punctuation errors beware!

Armed with both her passion for creative writing and Bachelor’s Degree of the same name, Rebecca assists in all facets of our marketing campaigns, with her primary focus being the composition of engaging written content for our clients and meticulous website optimisation.

When not toying with synonyms and sentence structure, Rebecca is an avid ‘gaming geek’ in her spare time. She boasts an impressive gaming resume across several genres, including a Grand Master rank in a popular FPS title, a high-ranked competitive team behind her, and a pronounced love for E-Sports. (If any of this makes sense to you – I’m impressed!)