Bespoke Marketing Collateral for Hunter & Hyland

Manufacturing premium quality products in a market dominated by mass produced budget driven products is what sets our customer Hunter & Hyland apart in the market. Specialising in low volume high-end bespoke made to measure curtain poles, tracks and rails, Hunter & Hyland has a range of over 400 premium products and what better way to showcase these lovely items than in a bespoke brochure.

The project for Austin Marketing was to photograph all of the 400+ products. This was undertaken over a period of 18 months, as virtually every item had to be handmade specifically for the multiple photography sessions. All of the 400+ images taken now appear on the Hunter & Hyland website that Austin Marketing designed and built in 2016. Due to the bespoke nature of the brochure, our lead designer Joana proposed the use of a textured cover. This would be embossed and have the Hunter & Hyland spot varnished to bring out the richness of the red component of the logo. The 60+ page brochure was litho printed to ensure perfect colour match and image reproduction quality, and then perfect bound, giving the brochure a booklet feel.

To accompany the brochure, Austin Marketing also designed and produced an 84-page price list, which was also litho printed and perfect bound.

The brochure and price list will get their public debut at this year’s Decorex Exhibition at Syon Park, London, where Hunter & Hyland will be showcasing their products.