Liftec website has a new FaceLIFT!

Austin Marketing has just launched a new website for Liftec, one of our lift industry clients.

This will be the third website we produced for Liftec since the beginning of our long-standing relationship in 2010.

Apart from the three websites we produced, Austin Marketing has also helped back in 2010 with the brand refresh which included new logos and page layouts.

Liftec has a full website maintenance marketing contract with us which means that every few years of their website being live, we undertake a full refresh and redesign of the site and its content. This is to take into account evolving designs and technologies, and also ensuring the site is always up-to-date and fully functional.


Why should I have an explainer video?

Explainer videos are short online marketing videos used to explain your company’s product or service. Explainer videos are often placed on a landing page, on your website’s homepage, or on a prominent product page.

These types of videos have become extremely popular in the UK since around 2013, having started in the US some time before, and some sites boast of conversion rates increasing by as much as 144% after including an explainer video on their website. But how can that be? More info


My Exhibition was cancelled – Now what?

At Austin Marketing, we provide our clients with turnkey solutions for exhibition support, including stand design, management, build and logistics. During this time of the year, we’d usually be busy completing graphics for one of our clients that exhibits at DECOREX in Olympia, London. We would have also just finished presenting our new stand display for PARKEX 2020 for another client, at the NEC Birmingham.

Due to COVID-19 restriction measures however, we aren’t and we haven’t; both of these events were cancelled or postponed – and if you’re reading this, maybe your event was too? More info


What’s YOUR Social Media Engagement Rate?

Engagement rate is a fundamental metric used in social media marketing, to measure the performance of a piece of content on a social media platform such as Instagram & Facebook. Engagement rates are often used by social media marketers to define the success of a campaign, as well as social media influencers as evidence of their engaged audience. More info


Messaging Exhaustion (and what you can do about it)

Research indicates that consumers are now tired of the empty empathy messages from brands such as ‘We’re here for you’, that became an overarching mantra across the nation ‘in these uncertain times’, particularly so because a lot of them couldn’t help but do so while using it as a sales opportunity.

So how do you put your brand out there without sounding like a creep? More info


Google Fonts turned 10 this year

We’re slightly behind with this News post, as Google Fonts turned 10 back in March, but we are huge fans of this website and we felt a pandemic was a good excuse to be slightly delayed, so here it comes now!

To celebrate their anniversary, Google Fonts has launched a brand-new website and updated catalogue.

Alongside the colour scheme change to match accessibility standards, some of the new features include an easy feature to download font-families, as well as now supporting variable fonts, which will make faster websites.

Head to to test it out.


Yes! Austins is getting back into the office

After what seems like forever in lockdown, we can start to see light at the end of the tunnel.

At Austin Marketing, we are starting the process of returning back to work from our office, here in Addlestone. Our work has always been undertaken from there and working remotely has not stopped us from providing our clients with high-quality work and support in these strange times. The team is now excited to return and we want to make sure we do so in a safe way, whilst keeping everyone’s health & safety a priority. More info


Helping J Coffey Keeping Everyone Safe During COVID-19

With the recent announcement from the Government, the construction industry has been encouraged to return to work, as long as they comply with the industry’s latest guidance relating to COVID-19.

To ensure the appropriate instructions and messaging is given to workers, our client, J Coffey Group has asked us to create a series of Operational Standards specific to the procedures and measures, to be applied during the COVID-19 outbreak. More info

communicating is essential

The Essential Character of Communication

Back when I was a student and deciding what course to pursue, I always knew that being a Communication Designer wasn’t essential work and if the end of the world came (or a COVID-19 pandemic), my skill set would certainly not be the first response to save lives – or will it? More info