Top 5 B2B Marketing Strategies for 2024

1. Privacy-first personalised marketing - Stringent consumer data privacy regulations (GDPR) have charged marketers to get creative with less third-party data. Contextual, geo-located and zero-party data (provided intentionally by the consumer) become more imperative.

2. ​​AI-enhanced content - More natural language generation and optimisation of content will happen behind the scenes, thanks to artificial intelligence. Dynamic text, video and audio content will be adjusted to best resonate with target users. Still, in the early stages, AI is an enhancement to your tool kit.

3. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) - Targeting high-value accounts with hyper-personalised, cross-channel campaigns which are designed to resonate with multiple influencers and decision-makers.

4. Conversational Marketing - Harnessing messaging platforms to qualify leads, nurture customers, provide support and enable sales teams at scale through automated conversations.

5. Purpose-first branding - Consumers care more about the "why" behind brands. Marketing focused on sustainability, DEI initiatives, ethical processes and positive community impact will achieve greater customer relevance.​

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