Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

There are endless possibilities for promoting your business online. The digital world is ever growing and at Austin Marketing, we understand the need for your business to keep up with the online flow. Through the digital medium you can give your business the highest possible visibility when targeting either specific or larger audiences.

Our online strategy services are designed with you in mind. We can help you promote your business with a well optimised website, engaging social media, online advertising, and email campaigns to really underpin your company’s position and success.


Achieve Success with our Digital Marketing Packages

Would you believe us if we told you the number of people who go online every day is still ever increasing? From our wide range of digital services, we will help you choose the most efficient and effective marketing campaigns for your business.

All of our services can be arranged into exclusive packages. Reap the benefits of having a service package designed exactly to your business’s specifications and requirements.

How We Can Promote Your Business Online

Through Your Website

Austin Marketing’s creative team can design and build your website from scratch. But before we do this, we take time to understand your business goals and commercial objectives for the website.  Only then will we start our  approach to make it visually appealing, and populated with engaging SEO and local search focused copy.

Through Email Campaigns

Well produced, GDPR compliant email campaigns allow us to directly target both prospective and current customers. We can inform people straight away of any new products and services you may offer in a fast, easy to measure, and cost-effective manner.

Through Your Content

The creation of frequent, absorbing content expands the reach of your business and keeps you current and relevant in the fast-moving digital age. It also forms part of Google’s ranking of a website. We can compose and update your blog, testimonials, newsletters, company offers and success stories, keeping your business active online.

Through Online Advertising

Online advertising campaigns can be a welcome addition to your marketing strategy. We can employ advertising mediums such as Google Ads to connect your business with a wider audience.

Through Social Media

Having an established social media presence can be hugely beneficial for your business. Gone are the days of social media merely being a social tool; today it has evolved into a powerful business network and communication device that underpins a business’s identity messaging.

Through Video

The moving image is both eye-catching and self-explanatory in its use. The opportunity to showcase your work in video form should not be missed, as it can increase your business’s conversion rate by up to 80%. Whatever your needs, our talented videographers can help.

Digital Marketing Strategy

We cannot stress enough that every digital marketing strategy we embark on is executed specifically for each customer and their business needs.  Give us a call to discuss the best options and how we can tailor a strategy for your business.

Benefits of a Digital Marketing Over Traditional Strategies

Whilst being a fast and efficient way of reaching your target audience, digital marketing is also easily amendable and lower cost than many other traditional strategies. It is the most measurable form of marketing out there, giving us real clarity to share with you on how your business is performing and how we can help you improve it even further.

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