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Your website is likely the first thing a prospective client is going to see. Did you know it only takes an average of 0.05 seconds for a visitor to form an opinion of your business from it? For your website to be successful, Austin Marketing believes in the golden rule of three - it has to be well designed, well written, and well maintained.

It is essential that your website mirrors your business goals, so when we are commissioned to produce a new website for a client, we start by asking one question: What do you want your website to achieve?

Once we have that answer, the process begins.

Our Website Services

Web Design

In today’s highly visual world, having a well thought out visual identity is crucial to help engage with time-bound potential customers. We can design and build your entire website from the ground up, and our inspired creative team will help you realise your graphic and functional vision.  We can assist with a full UXD (user experience design), with detailed rational to indicate how your website will perform, and provide a cognitive perspective on its effective visual communication.

Web Development

Our development team specialise in the conception and creation of wholly bespoke websites, with a keen emphasis on coding mobile-first responsive functionality and structure. Our developers ensure your website doesn’t just look the part, but that it functions logically and meaningfully for a truly user-friendly experience.

Full Website Management

Your website doesn’t just represent your company’s image, it epitomises your story and mirrors your business goals in its depiction.

Austin Marketing not only offers the capacity to design and construct a fully integrated modern website to your taste, but also a complete website management service, devised to nurture and maintain your website so that it fulfils its true potential. We provide all manner of website management to ensure your website’s continued quality, including, but not limited to, composing written copy, site optimisation, updates, and recoding as needed.

Our Work

Related Services

Working with us means that you don't have to resource your video production, photography, or content from elsewhere because we can provide a full package of related services for your website project - from Search Engine Optimisation to case study production. All the media and activity you need then comes from the same source, with consistent on-brand messaging, and is of the same quality.

Content Management

We incorporate keywords into high quality written content, providing good readability and sound information.

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Website optimisation is vital to secure your online presence. We employ the use of relevant keywords and performance monitoring to ensure you get the right visitors to your site.

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Both studio and on-location photography is available, with the addition of post digital editing and enhancements customised to your taste.

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Our videographers are mobile and inventive in approach, utilising specialist equipment to provide clients with complete, edited, and formatted film.

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