What actually determines a great User Experience?

Rewarding your content for a good experience, Google’s core ranking systems will look at an array of ‘signals’ to determine if the user has a great user experience.

You will be required to ensure your core web vitals are in good order with a series of metrics that measure the user experience such as loading performance, interaction and visual stability of the page. Therefore, it is important that you don’t just focus on a couple of these attributes, such as a whizzy-designed page or a superb shot video, and consider many aspects for an overall superb experience for your audience.

Is it easy for visitors to navigate your pages of content and find what they want? Is your main content prominent and is additional content designed with the user in mind, so that they can source this if needs be, is it easy to distinguish between the two?

Over 90% of internet users access the internet using a mobile phone with approx. 4.32 billion active mobile internet users, an important factor with ageing websites. Does the content display well for mobile devices when viewed in this way?

Some consideration for what is known as ‘intrusive interstitials’ which are page elements that grab the user’s attention and obstruct their view, such as advertising, an essential element for some businesses. By creating unintrusive dialogue, the overlays on the page can be designed and there are many tools to help you create banners, for example, that are supported to escape annoyance and follow best practices which in turn will be recognisable by Google, to understand and navigate your page and award you appropriately.

UX is a continuous process, living and breathing, so your content should be improved upon and updated regularly to ensure your engagement does not fall off a cliff. It is important to be well-informed about industry trends and changes in your market. Take your audience on a journey with you to keep them interested. Create feedback mechanisms and support channels, and respond to feedback well.

Creating an emotional connection and engagement with your audience is done through storytelling with your brand and crafting compelling messages and meaningful content, one that resonates with your audience.

It is clear that by integrating UX principles with your marketing strategies, Austin Marketing can support you with creating a meaningful user experience that not only drives conversations but also fosters lasting relationships with your target audience.

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