Apart from the larger businesses that Austin Marketing work with, we have an active range of SMEs within our customer portfolio. One great example of how we work with owner-driven local businesses is that of Surrey-based Deckmasters UK, who specialises in high-quality composite decking solutions and Thermalux outdoor saunas.

In 2022, Austin Marketing was approached by the owner of Deckmasters UK with a request to assist initially with the design and publication of a UK-specific Thermalux outdoor sauna website. The new website was completed and published in May 2022.

Since publication, our relationship with Deckmasters UK has continued. In the summer of 2023, we were asked to design and publish a new Deckmasters website to replace their existing dated one. With all parties happy with our proposals, we produced and published the new website in October. We are all very pleased with how our relationship has developed with Deckmasters UK, with regard to the ongoing work we are undertaking on their behalf.

Take a look at the new website here.