Blogs should be an integral part of your marketing strategy, to keep you top of mind and show you as an authority in your field. When written alongside keyword analysis, blogs can also be used to support your SEO and improve your organic reach. Remember that search engines love expertise, authority and trust!

But, did you know that having dated blogs can hinder your website performance? Content which is out of date and no longer relevant can result in a decline in website performance and harm your SERP result.

The importance of having a relevant and engaging website is increasing in line with the power of search engines. In particular, Google aims to keep you within their search engine. Content-rich websites can side-track this and encourage users to click through to your website for more knowledge. Make your website as informative as possible, so that you gain an advantage in knowledge-based searches.

A yearly blog audit is recommended to optimise your website performance once you have established your ‘evergreen’ blog content, which is your core content of well-performing and timeless articles. You can then start to refresh other blogs which are not performing successfully and fill them with up-to-date content and the latest keywords. Ensure that you are not flooding all of your content with the same keywords because this will dilute its value. Instead, spread keywords across your content to assist the SEO.

You can combine similar blogs, update statistics and add new and relevant content to boost performance. And if you have content with little or no engagement – get rid of it, it is hindering your performance. Lastly, when your new and improved content is ready, make sure that it is optimised to work with the latest updates and guidelines.

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