Merronbrook website

Merronbrook’s new website launched

Austin Marketing has just completed and published an entirely new website for Merronbrook, a long-standing client and one of the South of England’s leading engineered timber frame, joist and truss manufacturers. Their previous website – which we designed and built in 2012 – needed an update to reflect the changes to their business and to bring it up to speed with all the latest technologies, browsers, etc. More info

Temple Lifts new website

A new website for Temple Lifts

Austin Marketing has recently launched a new website for Temple Lifts, a leading lift industry company that provides lift & escalator services including maintenance, repair and installation of new equipment. Formally independent and privately owned, Temple Lifts is now under Hitachi ownership and has offices in London, Havant and Stoke-on-Trent. More info

Liftex 2022

Liftex 2022 kickstarting!

Hard to believe it’s been three years since the last Liftex and we just started working on stand designs for Liftex 2022! The timing could not be more perfect in terms of the COVID-19 scenario, so it seems to be all systems go to start getting ready for LIVE Exhibitions once again. More info

Hunter and Hyland Price List 2021

A new Hunter & Hyland Price List for 2021

Not all the printed material that gets produced needs to be glamorous, a lot of it is all about clarity and efficiency. Hunter & Hyland is a Royal Warrant awarded bespoke manufacturer of made-to-measure curtain poles, tracks & rails, and Austins is proud to support them in all their marketing needs, print and digital. More info


What Does 2021 Hold in Store for Design?

After a rollercoaster of a year in 2020, companies are looking towards the creative industries to help uplift them in 2021. While last year’s design trends were driven by a new decade, following futuristic themes and new tech, the trends of 2021 are putting the focus back onto people. 

More info


How Does HTTPS Affect My Website?

HTTPS is the secure version of the Standard Hypertext Transfer Protocol you use while browsing the web. HTTPS connections are encrypted meaning no one is able to see the information you send over a connection. The websites you browse are checked for a legitimate security certificate, improving your online security and privacy on the web.

For companies with their own websites, HTTPS adds security for both the business and its visitors. Just as HTTPS protects users when browsing, it protects websites from potential data breaches, preventing websites from losing sensitive information such as stored customer details. More info


Austin Marketing Welcomes a New Team Member

The Austin Marketing team has grown! We are happy to welcome a new member to our hardworking team.

Alana has a BA honours degree in Graphic Design and joins us with a skill set spanning over print, digital and branding services. Working to get every aspect perfectly matched to the job in hand, there is no doubt she will play an important role in ensuring success for Austin Marketing.

We are delighted to welcome Alana as our new Digital Graphic Designer!


PANTONE® Colour of the Year Announced for 2021

For the year 2021, PANTONE® has opted for two colours as their Colour of the Year, Ultimate Grey and Illuminating.

PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating, two independent colours that highlight how different elements come together to support one another and best express the mood for PANTONE® Color of the Year 2021. More info


Why should I have an explainer video?

Explainer videos are short online marketing videos used to explain your company’s product or service. Explainer videos are often placed on a landing page, on your website’s homepage, or on a prominent product page.

These types of videos have become extremely popular in the UK since around 2013, having started in the US some time before, and some sites boast of conversion rates increasing by as much as 144% after including an explainer video on their website. But how can that be? More info