ROI and your website

We all understand that having a website is a prerequisite for any business today. But, there is a big difference between just having a website and creating a website that works and provides a commercial return on investment (ROI).

For many years, Google has been and is the most widely-used search engine. As a business, they are trying to transition (in their words) “from being an information engine to a knowledge engine”. Their motivation is to keep people within their search engine results page. However, Microsoft’s Bing with its ChatGPT may just be starting to switch users away from Google Search, particularly in view of the news that Samsung are considering migrating to Bing as their default search engine for mobile phones.

When you commission an agency for SEO, their principal objective is to focus on page search positioning which requires knowing the latest keyword trends and the best ways to help you get and then retain a top listing within SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

If your objective is to have great organic search results, you will absolutely need to focus on creating relevant content-rich copy for your website. It also needs to be constantly monitored and updated, if you are aiming to have increased visibility, higher website traffic, competitive advantage and improved business credibility.

The way to the top is changing and with some tweaks to your website content and marketing strategy, you can increase your chances of appearing in searches.

There are ways to achieve a higher ranking

  • Play the Search game and answer questions within your website content
  • Use metadata for both keyword and click-through rate optimisation
  • Include key messages and your USPs
  • Make your content search engine friendly
  • Build feature snippets into your website
  • Make sure Google or Bing don’t win the game – make sure you get that click through to your website

Don’t feel deflated, although there is a lot to consider when you use an SEO expert. This all comes as second nature to them.

If you would like to have a jargon-free conversation with a real person and not a chatbot, why not give us an old-fashioned ring. We can even help with an SEO audit of your website, with no charges or commitments of course. As with everything we do, the team at Austin Marketing work with our clients to exceed their expectations in the digital world, so why not sample us.