What are keywords and why are they important? – SERPs explained!

In the world of SEO the term ‘keywords’ gets thrown around a lot. But what are they and why are they important to you and your business?

The best type of traffic to your website is organic traffic because it is free and therefore has the potential to provide you with a larger return on investment. In order to get organic traffic to your website you need to be found by potential customers and in order to be found, you need to rank.

What are SERPS?

Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs) refers to how high in the results pages your website ranks for any given search term/keyword. Of course, in order to receive qualified traffic to your website, you need to be ranking for keywords that are relevant to your business. So it’s important to find out where you’re ranking and what for.

Don’t worry, getting this information doesn’t mean trawling Google to find your website. There are a number of tools at our disposal that can draw your keywords and rankings out. At Austin Marketing we understand the importance of a website’s position in the SERPs and work continually for our clients to optimise keyword lists making them as relevant as possible. We then ensure that the technical data of a website, such as meta descriptions and alt text, match with the required keywords. This data is used by search engines to match those pages with the corresponding search terms. The higher your website ranks, the easier you will be to find and the more organic traffic you will get.

If you would like to know more or would like Austin Marketing to provide a free keyword analysis for your website, get in touch!

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