Online Presence - How far do you have to go to find a new customer?

Online presence covers a range of subjects many of which don’t directly link to SEO although, many SEO companies will offer magical solutions to get your website amongst the top listings for your sector. Undoubtedly, well-undertaken content optimisation (SEO) is essential for a website’s ranking. However, that just simply gets you a good Google page position, OK for some businesses if you are lucky enough to have a unique and essential product in your portfolio but if not, and you want your website to generate customers and give you a return on investment, you will need to do more.

Apart from the need to ensure that your website is correctly optimised, you may not need to do significant amounts of work (time) or have big budgets to improve your internet presence and make your business shine above your competitors.

Key objectives:

1, Does your website match the quality appearance of your leading competitors?

2, Is it easy to navigate? Poor usability frequently puts visitors off

3, Is the content easy to understand?

4, Is the content relevant?

5, Is the content tone-friendly and engaging?

6, Are your images and graphics just OK or excellent?

7, Is your SEO working?

If you can get all the above right, you are well on the way for your website to generate sales. If your online presence is not performing, attracting new customers or giving you a return on investment, now may be the time to review your internet presence. If you don’t, competitors could be outperforming you in the drive for new customers.

A strategic website review could help you decide the actions needed to achieve the leads you need from your website. To help with this, when discussing opportunities with new customers, we always undertake an initial online presence review. This is entirely without obligation, and we share our findings before any decision is made, prior to any form of commitment.

We have a track record of improving website visits and the engagement needed to generate sales, so why not contact us to discuss an online presence review? No obligations or costs on your part, you have nothing to lose.

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