Client: Jelly Communications
Sector: Telecoms
Relationship: Full Service Agency

Jelly specialises in business mobile, fixed line, hosted IP Telephony (VoIP) and office data solutions. Working with sole traders, SMEs and large corporations which may have complex multi-product installations in excess of 1000 connections.

Jelly approached Austin Marketing looking for an agency to help them get more leads from their website.

The key objectives identified:

Improve website's position in the SERPs (search engine results pages - i.e. position for specific searches)

Increase and drive relevant traffic to the website

Increase conversion rate and the number of leads

Like the importance of ‘location, location, location’ to property, ‘ranking, ranking, ranking’ is vital to being found online.

After an initial review of the website looking for ways to improve the website SERPs, Austin Marketing recommended expanding and updating the website content. We carried out detailed keyword analysis, creating a portfolio of search terms and creating new content to optimise each page. We ensured that the foundation keywords were included within the website and produced creative and engaging content with clear call-to-actions, where possible.

Key word rich, relevant, interesting and engaging content within a site ensures a website is optimised for search engines making it easier for Google to identify and return a website in results for relevant searches.

After spending time, effort and funds ensuring prospective customers find a website, it’s vital to impress and stand out as well as provide relevant information and validation to help a customer along in their decision-making/buying process. Ultimately the objective is for the customer to interact with Jelly, generating a steady flow of leads for the sales teams.

The original website, although bright and friendly in terms of aesthetics, lacked content and did not clearly communicate the business proposition or the benefits to customers. Unfortunately the page structure wasn’t consistent and lack of consistency often lead to a poor user experience. We knew making changes would improve conversion rates.

To this end, we recommended making changes to the website design to provide the best possible experience for the visitor.

The new website features

Clear and Simple – uncluttered pages, with the use of strong images and icons

Clear and straightforward navigation – with important, relevant content presented in a clean and simple way

Visually interesting – create movement and use video, images and graphics to engage with your audience, where appropriate

Intuitive Interface – create a design to guide your visitors through your site

Interactive – provide a design which allows people to interact with you and your site in a dynamic way

In the time following the website launch at the end of October compared to the same amount of time immediately prior we have seen the number of session increased by 240%. Similarly the session duration has seen a rise of 282% while the bounce rate has improved by 18%. These figures are indicative of a more engaged audience. More visitors are visiting the website and of these visitors a higher percentage of them are relevant and taking the time to learn more about the business and how Jelly can help businesses with their telecommunications.

- Website design and build
- Graphic Design
- Copywriting
- Content origination
- Photography style guide