Client: BOOSTfit
Sector: Fitness & Dance
Relationship: Full Service Agency

The fitness industry is known to be a competitive one, and in order to draw in the right audience and stand above the crowd, companies need a clear strategy that helps ensure all their USPs are properly communicated. BOOSTfit is a fitness class provider with a strong ethos and community. With an original setup of live classes, they’ve also migrated to a combined live/online offering and needed some help with conveying their rich brand personality and increase engagement with online users.

“We’ve come to Austin Marketing with a very specific budget and timescales to improve our online classes’ engagement, and the Austin girls have been doing a fantastic job in helping us develop and communicate our brand positioning with the right messages and designs. The brand strategy in particular has really helped us see what needed to be improved and how we could get there. I’m really excited to see how it will all evolve!

Louise Jordan, Director of BOOSTfit

During the initial conversations, we could clearly see the passion and drive going in this fantastic business, but the core USPs and personality of the business were not coming through as they could be. Austin Marketing developed a marketing strategy that highlighted BOOSTfit’s core marketing messages and brings their USPs and benefits front and centre to their customers, with clear call to actions as well as the right tone of voice.

As part of the project, Austin created a set of design templates for both social media and email campaigns, that clearly distinguishes the different services they provide and solidifies the overall brand personality.

We also create monthly email campaigns designed and written with their online audience in mind, and supported BOOSTfit in improving the website’s content in order to match the strategy guidelines for messaging.

  • Messaging and Brand Strategy
  • Google Business Overhaul
  • Design Templates
  • Email Campaigns
  • Blog Copywriting
  • Website Copywriting
  • PPC & SM Ads Management
  • Social Media Management