Attracting New Customers In 2024



1. Privacy-first personalised marketing - Stringent consumer data privacy regulations (GDPR) has charged marketers to get creative with less third-party data. Contextual, geo-located and zero-party data (provided intentionally by the consumer) become more imperative.

2. ​​AI-enhanced content - More natural language generation and optimisation of content will happen behind the scenes, thanks to artificial intelligence. Dynamic text, video and audio content will be adjusted to best resonate with target users. Still, in the early stages, AI is an enhancement to your tool kit.

3. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) - Targeting high-value accounts with hyper-personalised, cross-channel campaigns which are designed to resonate with multiple influencers and decision-makers.

4. Conversational Marketing - Harnessing messaging platforms to qualify leads, nurture customers, provide support and enable sales teams at scale through automated conversations.

5. Purpose-first branding - Consumers care more about the "why" behind brands. Marketing focused on sustainability, DEI initiatives, ethical processes and positive community impact will achieve greater customer relevance.​

​As a business owner or manager, you cannot magic customers out of thin air or create demand for your products and services. This leaves you with ONLY one option. You have to be in the right place at the right time. You must be visible and in top-ranking spots within the search engines, ALL OF THE TIME. It’s that continued online visibility of your brand that will put you top-of-mind when a valuable customer decides that today is the day when they choose a supplier. This is also the way to keep your sales pipeline full and have a rhythmic flow of enquiries. Without that flow, your sales conversions will suffer.

We have had fantastic successes within your industry in raising visibility and website rankings.


We have a proven formula for doing things the right way:

  • Review what your competition is doing well and make sure you are doing better
  • Embed the highest-performing keywords for your target market in your content
  • Consider your content and review what is working for you and what isn’t
  • Make the right changes to your online presence to increase visibility

Following these steps, we grew organic reach for one of our clients from 84 visits to 977 visits for the same month in the following year. That equates to a 1,063% increase in visits of people searching for the product that the company provides.

We understand that people simply viewing a website is not going to help the bottom line, those customers need to be relevant. When we become visible to relevant people using the right content, we increase the ENGAGEMENT of potential customers.

Simply put, these potential customers now start to take notice of you.

Following our steps, we have grown engagement for one of our customers by 73% in 3 months. For every 4 inquiries they had before, they now get 7 inquiries. Imagine how much difference that could make for your business.

Not every business has the time or budget for a huge ‘digital transformation’. In times of economic pressure, businesses need to focus on ‘doing things right’. Make sure that when someone is looking for your products or services they find you and make it easy for them to contact you.

You do not need big budgets to make sure this happens, there are small but significant changes to your online presence that can make huge differences.

To retain visibility and stay at the top of search rankings, it takes careful review and expertise to do things right.

In times when budgets are tight and resources are stretched, using an agency with industry experience is worth its weight in gold.

With our highly successful track record, we can put together some amazing packages to help you head into 2024 the right way.

We are offering 10 free-of-charge website reviews where we analyse your website performance and suggest a strategy for success. AND when you work with us to improve your online performance, we offer a 30-day FREE TRIAL.

We offer full-service marketing support, full marketing strategy, business marketing planning, online marketing services, growth marketing services, digital marketing support, digital marketing services and online marketing services. In a nutshell, whatever marketing support you need, we can help!

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Attracting New Customers in 2024


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