Our Team


David Austin
Managing Director

David is our Managing Director and perfectionist. He's been involved in B2B & B2C Marketing & Sales for his entire life.

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Iveta Golkova
Head of Search Engine Marketing

Iveta is the Head of Search Engine Marketing. She gained her Masters degree in Marketing and Management in 2013.

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Pedro Portela - Photographer

Pedro Portela
Photographer & Videographer

Joining the team in 2015, Pedro has been helping to maintain the on-going demands of location photography and videography.

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Rosemary Hucker
Administration Manager

Rosemary started working at Austin Marketing in 1999 as our Company Secretary & Admin Manager, and manages a wide range of projects.

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Mark Inns
Technical Director

Mark is an Austin Marketing Director and technical guru, overseeing all things technology based in the business.

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Rebecca Pike
Digital Marketing Assistant

Becky is one of our Digital Marketing Team, with content writing and editing at the forefront of her work.

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Ben Vokes

Ben is our Videographer, with experience in all things film and post production, his role is to capture our clients' messages and bring them to life on screen.

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Office Sofa Tester

Gordon Setter by day, marketing genius by night. Benson's job is to lay around the office snoring on the sofa and barking at the postman.

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Kirstie Jafrato
Business Development Manager

Kirstie is our Business Development Manager and an Account Manager within the business  – she’s likely to be the first person you’ll talk to.

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Joana Alves
Design Creative

Joana is our Design Creative/Communication Designer. She loves the creative process and questions everything before getting into action.

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Ian Basford
Art Director

Ian has been with at Austin Marketing since 2004, he has experience across many sectors including manufacturing, financial and Government.

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