Social Media

Engage with your audience and prospective clients

Year on year, communication online continues to grow and dominate our lives. With the instantaneous element of being able to communicate via a Facebook post or a tweet, we have the capability to reach out to an audience wherever they may be, thanks to the flexibility of smartphones and tablets. Therefore, it's no surprise that more and more businesses are making social media a main part of their strategy.

Social media enables you to reach out to prospective and current clients, promoting your services by sharing articles/news/case studies/blog posts/testimonials and video, encouraging shares of your content online, and therefore, gaining traffic to your website. An active social media presence online also makes your business appear more trustworthy, modern and personable, as well as beneficial to SEO, with Google recognising your business as active online and bumping you up in the search engines.

Social media platforms are constantly expanding and evolving, with the most well-known sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. Below are some audience statistics and benefits to each platform:


1.4 billion users

Nearly 50% of all internet users are on Facebook


284 million active users

Nearly 90% of users are on mobile


70 million users

Nearly 90% of users bought a product if they pinned it


363 million users


300 million users

Grew 50% in 9 months (between March - Dec 2014)

Now a bigger platform than Twitter

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