Expressair redesign website

Austin Marketing have been working with Expressair since 2009 and they have taken advantage of our SEO service for the past 3 ½ years , maintaining and optimising their website organically as well as managing their PPC Campaign.

Expressair are specialist same day international couriers, delivering urgent parcels and documents around the world, therefore, when speed and efficiency is a priority, Expressair are the ideal choice.

Whilst their previous website had all the information that was needed, over time, traffic began to very gradually lose its momentum. It was felt that the website could be improved in various ways, however, it certainly did not lack content. Website technology has moved a long way over the past 5 years and it was clear that the site needed to brought visually up to date and the overall usability of the site needed improving. The images on the website also required a refresh – focusing too much on Freight rather than their main speciality of hand carriage.

After discussion and proposal of the improvements, we were commissioned for the redesign, content revisit and build of the site. Austin Marketing’s first point of call was planning a new sitemap, this enabled us to revisit the menu structure, and make sure it was easy to navigate, following logical paths. After looking through their choices, the design selected incorporates a visually engaging image slider, with a range of high definition images displaying locations all around the world, representing the variety of countries Expressair fly to.

live chatContent-wise, there is now the addition of approximate prices for delivery to give users a better idea of costs, as well as an FAQ section for answers to commonly asked questions. A live chat feature was also installed, which runs throughout their working day to help answer customers’ quick questions. When the chat is offline, it works as an enquiry form for Expressair to respond to when they are available.

The new website was published mid-February 2015 and is now fully responsive on tablets and mobiles. Visit Expressair to see their new website and explore the new design!