previous hca panel brandinghca coating old brandingHCA are renowned specialists in Industrial Coatings and Composite Panels, separated into two divisions. HCA commissioned Austin Marketing for re-branding of the company and its divisions, which was felt to be inconsistent in design, showing no indication that two divisions were in fact linked with the same company.

HCA requested a logo and visual identity that was modern, simple, clean and contemporary in design, something to set themselves apart from the pack.  As one of the larger powder coating companies within the region, HCA serves a range of sectors, including architectural, agricultural, defence, automotive and transportation and electronics.

Austin Marketing worked through several design stages to create the final, redesigned company branding to reflect this link, which is now consistent throughout:

hca rebrandedhca panels rebrandedhca coating rebranded

Website Redesign

Previously, the two divisions of HCA – Coatings and Panels, were on separate websites, and as well as having different branding, the two websites’ designs were also inconsistent with each other, housing different layouts and colour schemes. Therefore, after working on rebranding HCA, our next focus involved incorporating the two divisions both into one website, maintaining a coherent design and creating a clear link between the two. HCA’s previous two websites both struggled with similar issues of outdated technology – designs that weren’t search-engine friendly and that weren’t visually engaging, so these were also our focus points. The new website core objective is to support the companies’ sales activity and provide point of reference for perspective customers.

HCA homepage

HCA were seeking a website which was simple and easy to navigate, so Austin Marketing came up with the design for a single page site per division. By clicking the options in the menu, the screen will now scroll down to the appropriate section of information, it is also free to scroll at the users’ own will, without use of the menu. The website has a simple option to switch between divisions at the top of the page, and is now fully mobile-responsive.

The projects section provides visitors with examples of HCA’s work, showcasing their expertise and capability. In addition, the CRM (content management system) allows the website administrator to add new and change content without fuss or further expense.

HCA’s website: