Research indicates that consumers are now tired of the empty empathy messages from brands such as ‘We’re here for you’, that became an overarching mantra across the nation ‘in these uncertain times’, particularly so because a lot of them couldn’t help but do so while using it as a sales opportunity.

So how do you put your brand out there without sounding like a creep?

If you haven’t been online or looked at your phone today, you are lying – you’re reading this article, right? Although the physical world will take a while to return back to what we thought was normal, the digital world is in full swing with a 95% increase in home media consumption and a 61% increase in Social Media Engagement.

From a business perspective, the increase in social media users scrolling through their feeds, for example, can serve as a mega advantage to your marketing and sales conversions, but there are a few things to consider. Just because the opportunity is there, it doesn’t mean customers will choose you or buy your products.

You should consider these following tips to make you stand out from the crowd:

Low-cost Advertising

As competition for keywords and target audiences has decreased during the coronavirus crisis, the cost of advertising in many industries has decreased. So, based on numbers alone, now is a great time to advertise in digital. Cost-per-click (CPC) on platforms like Facebook has fallen dramatically worldwide to around $0.09 in March, saving you a bit of money and allowing businesses to be slightly more experimental with their marketing.

However, please make sure you research and listen to what your audience needs before you launch into it as much as you can, so you get the message right which leads me to the next point…

Meet the Client’s Expectations

Everyone, from small to large companies, whether they were more traditional or fully digital, has had to adapt and progress in a very short period of time to adjust to this socially-distancing world. In many cases, it was a much needed and long-required change.

So if the local fish & chips and pharmacy have managed to adapt, the expectations are high for any other larger company and brand to be able to offer an equal or improved shopping experience that is faster, more convenient, offers easier payment and delivery options.

E-commerce is the natural way of achieving this digital sale and if you already had a shopping cart website, you might have found out its limitations or shortfalls.

There’s no reason for not trying a flexible approach to this situation and brainstorming some ways that you can remain positive, open and providing value to your customers.

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Source: Adobe