Exciting news in the colour department this week, as PANTONE® has launched a Colour Match Card. Combined with the Pantone Connect mobile app (Free or paid versions), it will allow you to measure and match any coloured objects, materials and surfaces to the nearest Pantone reference colour.

Its usage is simple; the card has a 12mm square hole in the middle and users can centre it on an object with the colour they want to use. It is as simple as taking a photo.

After collecting the colour, you can then upload it to a colour palette in the Pantone Connect Extension for Adobe® Creative Cloud®, to use later on a number of design projects.

With a relatively low-cost acquisition, the Colour Match Card is light, easy to use and carry, as it will easily fit inside your wallet. You can use it on-the-go without even having to remember to pop it in your bag. And in a post-COVID socially-distant working environment, tools like these are intended to simplify remote communication across teams, as cards can be easily distributed to teams working outside the office or designers, requiring frequent colour matching.

Our designer’s already decided to get one, so we’ll let you know how she gets on!

images from Pantone