Austin Marketing is happy to announce that we have now launched a completely new website for one of our long-standing clients, Niche Lifts.

Niche Lifts is a specialist platform lift supplier, who’s built up a reputation for providing expert advice and supplying the best lift solutions for each environment. Niche Lifts was established back in 2003 in Kent, and now supplies and installs lifts all across the UK.

Back in 2018, Austins developed an online behaviour analysis document, with the goal to improve on the existing website’s user experience and navigation efficiency. In this document, we’ve highlighted some critical areas in need of review to improve the user paths to achieve a certain goal. This included, amongst other things, the improvement of the main menu and secondary navigations, simplifying the number of steps to the final product while, at the same time, catering for the two types of users that frequently visit the website – knowledgeable audience with specific requirements, and general members of public that don’t necessarily know the product options, and are still exploring the different solutions available. We’ve also improved the location and pointing of the calls to action to make it easier for the client and for Niche’s Support Team.

Following on from this report, Austin Marketing was then commissioned to redesign and build a new website, whilst at the same time reviewing the entire product naming range, improving on their existing written website copy, as well as creating nine new product brochures.

The new website was published in mid-September 2019, and we couldn’t be happier with the final outcome. We will progress to successfully monitor Niche’s SEO and PPC performance, ensuring their new website not only persists to serve but also expands their customer base, with the now improved UX.