As Google recently revealed, in an attempt to provide the best and safest experience for its users while browsing, it’s now understood that Google favours websites using https protocol instead of http, adding a ‘Not Secure’ note for any http page that contains a login field or credit card form, warning users to not to submit private information on insecure pages. 

What are http and https?

Both http and https are Hypertext Transfer Protocols – systems for transmitting and receiving information across the internet. Simply said, when information is submitted to the internet, it travels from computer to computer until it reaches the server.  When using http the focus is on how the information is presented to the user, not necessarily on how it gets from one point to another, which makes the information potentially visible to computers in between you and the server.

Https – extra security for user’s data

The benefit of using https instead is that it provides that extra layer of security. Https is working with another protocol – Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to move the data. Thanks to this protocol, Google safe browsing websites will protect the user’s connection by securing the information in three ways:

  • encryption
  • data integrity
  • authentication

How https benefits SEO

Even though Google will never tell us exactly how it values websites in order to rank in organic search, based on what was hinted by Google itself, and what we already know about the Google algorithm, here are some examples of how migrating to https benefits SEO:

  • Google hinted that it is favoring a fully secured web
  • https websites load much faster – faster loading speed supports a higher ranking
  • high percentage of users will abandon login or purchase process when warned that the connection is insecure
  • 40% of pages appearing on the first page of Google Search Results are https

Austin Marketing can help

Our main aim at Austin Marketing is to create high quality websites that are “search engine friendly”, which is why, as part of our website design and build service, we can switch your website from http to https! We will make sure your site is not one of the many ‘unsafe sites’, or considered potentially harmful. If this sounds like something you need, get in touch today to find out more.