At the start of the year, we predicted what 2021 would hold in store for design. In the run up to 2022, we’re talking social media.

If there’s one trend guaranteed to continue into 2022, it’s the use of short and to-the-point videos which grew immensely this year thanks to platforms like TikTok. Looking towards the new year, it’s clear that this form of content marketing is becoming more important in staying relevant in the market. Businesses looking to increase their exposure and stay competitive will need to gear their 2022 content towards this version of social media marketing.

Not only will businesses need to be aware of the consumers’ desire to be entertained, but will have to rise to the challenge of being more attentive towards consumer needs. We expect post-pandemic content will become an overarching influence on the 2022 social media trends.

COVID-19 accelerated the growth of the digital space as online became the new normal for many. Businesses were pushed to rethink their digital marketing strategies in order to stay visible. In 2022, tuning into what your market is looking for and understanding which social media platforms are best suited to showing your brand values will be key in standing out.

In the coming year, businesses will need to be more audience-focused than ever. Those that put consumer demands at the forefront of their social media strategies will be the ones to define the year to come.