Austin Marketing has recently launched a new website for Temple Lifts, a leading lift industry company that provides lift & escalator services including maintenance, repair and installation of new equipment. Formally independent and privately owned, Temple Lifts is now under Hitachi ownership and has offices in London, Havant and Stoke-on-Trent.

As a full-service marketing agency, this is precisely the type of work Austins thrives on. We are very proud of the long-standing relationship we have built up with our customers; in Temple Lifts’ case, it’s been well over a decade.

This is now the third corporate website Austin Marketing has produced for Temple Lifts, a project that was driven partly by extensive research into market sector trends and SEO search criteria. This is typical of our approach towards website design and build, and ensures that when a new website is launched, it has engaging images and relevant content for the markets our customers support.

To achieve the desired result, we comprehensively redesigned the website’s layout with a visually strong all-embracing navigation menu, updated the on-page copy, and acquired new engaging website imagery including location photography and videography (carefully following the COVID-19 Government Guidelines applicable), all with close liaison with Temple’s board of Directors, and following the latest SEO guidelines for the coming Google Core Update happening June 2021.