KEG web design

KE-Group is a multinational company who supplies sheet metal and electro-mechanical products. They’ve been thriving since 1965 and providing stands for printers and photocopiers, trolleys and technical furniture. Since they have such a broad range of products, they had, until recently, been developing their online presence under a number of different domains.

We have just produced a new website consolidating all of KE-Group’s existing domains under one domain, as well as improving the site’s look and usability.

The advantages of consolidating domains


Although multiple domains for different sectors can have their advantages, from a branding standpoint, a single domain can ensure consistent branding and thus strengthen brand identity.


A single domain also has a better chance to rank well in Google, especially in light of recent algorithm updates. With multiple domains, content is scattered in various locations and can only earn ranking individually. With a single domain, all customers are directed to the same place which increases the popularity of the site and, in turn, improves ranking.

Sales Opportunities

There’s every chance that a customer, buying one product, might also see another product that is of interest to them. This highlights a sales opportunity which wouldn’t otherwise exist with multiple domains and can often result in a greater ROI.


Saving the most obvious point for last, it’s simply easier to maintain one site than to divide your attention between several. There isn’t such a need to provide unique content and, when it comes to analytics, you can get a clearer picture of your online activities without switching between different accounts.

Since the new site went live, KE-Group’s online presence has been easier to manage and the planning of their online marketing strategy hasn’t been so laborious.

Web marketing isn’t just about creating eye-catching sites with great content. If you’re looking for ways to streamline your overall marketing strategy, call or email us and we’ll gladly discuss your options.