Anyone venturing onto Twitter today might be confused as to the origin of one of the top trending topics – #edballsday.

For the uninitiated, Ed Balls day is the anniversary of the former MPs unfortunate Twitter mishap – in which he tweeted his own name to a delighted online community.

Ed himself joins in the festivities on a yearly basis – retweeting the original – but has explained that the mistake was a result of being called away whilst in the process of composing an update and pressing the ‘tweet’ button by accident.

Although the incident led to some excellent exposure for the public figure, you might not feel quite ready to follow suite with such a bold PR move.

Avoid your own Ed Balls moment with these terrific Twitter tools:

1. Twitter character counter
Check your tweet length as you write on this external site designed to save you from accidental posting. Then copy and paste into twitter.

2. Buffer
An app that helps you tweet consistently and at regular intervals – you can add multiple tweets to a queue to be posted throughout the day or week. An added bonus is that it gives you extra time to check, edit or remove your content before it’s posted!

3. Nurph Speak and Tweet
A voice recognition microphone which converts your words into tweets, saving you time and spell-check – due to arrive later this year.