PPC (pay per click advertising) is an online search engine advertising model, in which advertisers will pay every time their advert gets a click. It is usually used in conjunction with SEO activity to help grow a greater online presence.

Nowadays, PPC advertising is considered crucial for many businesses’ digital marketing campaigns. However, when you can improve your search engine ranking through SEO for free, one might wonder whether investing in PPC advertising is worth it?

At Austin Marketing, we believe the benefits of PPC advertising cannot be underestimated.

We’ve stated a few reasons why you should invest in PPC, to help guide you on your PPC advertising journey…

8 reasons why you should invest in PPC

1. It’s cost effective.

No other form of advertising allows you to only pay when your advert is actively seen! This means you can measure your ROI easily.

2. It’s FAST.

PPC advertising is a great way to gain a presence on Google almost instantly.

3. It’s targeted.

You can target demographics, considering factors like location, language and device.

4. It’s customisable.

Something not working? You can change it any time!

5. It’s for everyone.

Whether you are selling products, services or attempting to gain brand awareness, almost any business can benefit from PPC advertising!

6. It can help with SEO.

You can test keywords on PPC advertising, to use in SEO activity later on.

7. It’s free to learn.

There are plenty of free training courses online which can help you become an expert in PPC.

8. It’s advanced.

It can help your marketing strategies become more progressive, with remarketing and retargeting strategies.


However, achieving a successful PPC campaign can be time consuming. You need to do research and complete training before getting started. Additionally, once you have launched your campaign you must monitor and optimise it regularly.

At Austin Marketing, our Digital Marketing team consists of PPC experts who can help save you time and effort. As a qualified Google Partner, you can trust that our professionals can help you in getting your PPC campaign launched, and will continue to successfully monitor and optimise it.

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