Since 2012, Google Analytics has been running under its third development; Universal Analytics. Whilst this came with many new features and is a vital platform for many people to monitor their website performance, Google states that “with major shifts in consumer behaviour and privacy-driven changes to long-time industry standards, current approaches to analytics aren’t keeping pace”.

This then led to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) being announced in 2020, designed as the future of measurement through its collection of web and app data under one property.

Whilst Universal Analytics doesn’t stop processing data until July 2023, and this may seem like a long time away, it is important to consider setting up your GA4 property now if you haven’t already.

Completing the set-up now allows for your website data to be collected within GA4 across this period, providing you with at least a year’s worth of data, as previous data from Universal Analytics will not always be accessible.

Google describes GA4 as an adaptive form of reliable measurement, providing accurate reporting about the consumer journey.

GA4 offers a number of changes, with privacy-focussed, intelligent reporting creating a shift in the way in which data is collected going forward, as well as creating a lasting impact on performance and reporting.

Ensuring that your website is correctly set up to adapt to these changes, whilst also monitoring performance, can feel like a time-consuming task. Austin Marketing’s SEO service covers all areas of website optimisation, as well as ensuring that your website is kept up to date with changes like GA4.

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