Content marketing is simply a method of providing consumers with information; at Austin Marketing, this is something we’ve been doing that since 1996, when this phrase was first used. However, we’re always asked – why is content marketing so important?

1) It gets your name out there
Put simply it raises your profile with existing and new clients. It give you the means to present yourself as a reputable company, advertising your products and services, which you can do through a range of sources, online and offline. Whether short and snappy or in depth and informative, you have the ability to advertise your business the way you want.

2) Supports customer retention
Don‘t allow yourself to be forgotten. As content is created to provide consumers with the information they need, it provides a platform to maintain contact with existing customers in a useful, entertaining and engaging way. Making it less likely they will stray-away from your business to a competitor.

3) It builds trust
Sharing content such as testimonials, case studies and customer stories develops trust between a business and new potential customers. They get to see real life examples of the services/products that you provide, gaining a deeper understanding of your company‘s processes and relationships.

4) Supports your search engine optimisation objectives
By keeping you relevant to Google; producing industry-pertinent online copy will benefit you in Google search results. Google rewards websites that provide frequent, useful and relevant copy. This means if your competitors aren’t doing it, you have a distinct advantage in moving up in organic search results.

An example – Temple Lifts

One example of our ongoing content marketing services is Temple Lifts. As a renowned UK based lift company providing lift repairs, modernisation and installation, they commissioned us to produce ongoing case studies to highlight and showcase projects they’ve undertaken providing customers with the validation that they have the experience and skills to do the job to the highest standards.

As well as interviewing and subsequently producing copy for the case studies, Austin Marketing also undertake the photography for the material – maintaining a professional and cohesive design throughout the series.

Temple Case StudyTemple London City Bridge case study

Find out more about Austin Marketing’s content marketing services, or if you’d like more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.