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Optimising or creating content for a website that Google likes is essential if you wish your site to be found easily, particularly if you are looking for a return on your investment.

So, partnering with a business that understands your market, and its customers, is essential in ensuring the tone of your written content engages with your target audience. However, for this to happen, your website has to be found – hence the benefits of you collaborating with an approved Google Partner.

Unlike several business certificates of proficiency, the Google Partner qualification is something that cannot be bought. The award is only granted after detailed, extensive training and to those who have passed online examinations. These exams require us to have detailed knowledge of how to use, understand and professionally implement both Google Analytics and AdWords.

Two key SEO specialists within our team have successfully achieved Google accreditations for Google Analytics and AdWords, whilst we as a digital agency have been monitored by Google for the volume of our activity with these programs. We also work to Google’s published website best practices for website design, build and content generation. We do not employ any black hat (tricks or disguises) to get around Google’s search algorithms, but take a pragmatic and thorough approach to SEO and Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Austin Marketing are pleased to confirm that two more of our team are currently working towards these qualifications – something that we believe will benefit all customers, either existing or forthcoming.

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