HTTPS is the secure version of the Standard Hypertext Transfer Protocol you use while browsing the web. HTTPS connections are encrypted meaning no one is able to see the information you send over a connection. The websites you browse are checked for a legitimate security certificate, improving your online security and privacy on the web.

For companies with their own websites, HTTPS adds security for both the business and its visitors. Just as HTTPS protects users when browsing, it protects websites from potential data breaches, preventing websites from losing sensitive information such as stored customer details.

Google makes it known that security is a top priority and explains that websites using HTTPS will have a slight ranking boost, meaning a higher advantage over HTTP websites. Not only does it favour rankings but it builds trust and confidence with website users as many demand safer ways of using the Internet. It is clear that HTTPS offers security that many users ask for, so it is absolutely the way to go to achieve a successful website.

If you’re thinking about moving to a HTTPS website, we can help you get there.

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